Monstrous Stories

I like the way Annette Messager relates to memory of childhood. The desires and fears of children are so untainted that they seem like they would give us clues into the nature of things–of us. I saw a Messager on my trip to the Art Institute of Chicago and really liked it in person more than I did in images.

annette messenger art
“I like to tell stories… children’s stories are monstrous,’ Annette Messager has said, and much of her work of the last four decades is based on toys and childhood.”

Recently as few pieces have emerged that relate to memories from my childhood. I never imagined that I would be that artist and makes autobiographical work, because I have traditionally thought that this level of self-reference excludes the viewer from experiencing anything but voyeurism. I am rethinking that stance as I ponder whether or not the particulars in life are actually contain more universals.

Here are the pieces about me and my past:




Simultaneous Peripheral Observation

In the space between tactility and language the beautiful and unassuming linger. They exist in the peripheral, weaving in and out of clarity, difficult to get a clear handle on, resistant to words. There is room for the mind to guess and imagine. With a skepticism in the ability of language to contain our bodily experiences of the world, I create objects, drawings and images that speak to the constant pursuit toward appreciation and mindfulness.