Making "Swarm" at the Broad

I have a few snapshots of Swarm in progress. The whole piece needed to be built on site because of the fragility of the hanging parts. Most of the piece was built in the education wing between July 8-15, after which time it was carefully moved through the cafe to it’s final resting place for the exhibition over the welcome desk near the second floor viewing window.




Still Life in Balance VI

2 paper cups, eye lash, ketchup packet, birthday candle, rubberband, piece of straw wrapper, 2 kernels of popcorn, 4 grains of rice, crushed red pepper, honey, bottle cap, penny, sea salt, yellow string, mini marshmallow


piece of concrete, candle wick, match dipped in honey, mini marshmallow, duct tape, two rolled oats, napkin, windex, bagel half, eyelash, bread tie, onion peel, sugar cube, cinnamon, orange rind, grain of rice, eyelash, pin, ribbon, pencil, coupon to keep








A new piece is in the works including the rolling up and letting down of a window shade. At first, I was attempting a piece that startled or jolted as the quickly spinning window shade might. I’d like it to be motion sensored and just spin quickly and briefly. In the process of mocking it up, I used one of my slower motors as it was on hand and easy to attach to. Another interesting thing happened as the vinyl becomes slightly askew and the shade struggles to perform it’s action–always finding success eventually, but writhing in the process.

Since the piece is so slow, I sped up the video to 8x faster than it actually was.

wood, screws, steel rod, window shade motor

Still Life in Balance I

The beginning of a new series called Still Life in Balance. An eight foot 2×3 board is hung from a single string and objects on both sides balance on the precarious surface. They are both dependent and in opposition to each other.

In this first iteration it’s:
pot lid, thread, two kernels of popcorn, light yellow bar of soap (used), pile of pepper, two sprays of Chanel No. 5, pistachio shell and remainder of supporting string


small white plate with a kernel of popcorn and two eyelashes, broken piece of concrete, eraser from a pencil, small spoon, lemon and plastic wrapper