Author: Lisa Walcott

  • Rosemary Laing

    I just happened upon the beautifully integrated and suspended photography of Rosemary Laing and am really taken with it! I am especially drawn to her Bulletproofglass series and her Weather series (see below). The concepts are intriguing, but the part I can’t get over is the complicated textures and the transitional state of the subjects.…

  • sculpture critique #two (11.24.08)

    My second critique included these seven time and labor intensive pieces. Out of interest for discarded materials, packaging, waste, and the strange properties and purposes of styrofoam, I deconstructed and reconstructed a block of styrofoam into these small organic forms with a needle and black thread (approximately 2×2 inches each). Their extreme lightness was exposed…

  • in the studio

    Here are some fairly recent images from the studio and I will follow soon with critique images from the last 2 weeks. Working in my space. Rob was visiting and snapped a couple shots. My second sculpture critique of the semester was these small styrofoam sculptures (in progress here). I deconstructed the styrofoam beads and…

  • something new and moving

    Check out my first animation and my new you tube account! I had to spell my last name with 3 t’s to make the account legit because apparently there’s another Lisa Walcott or at least lisawalcott out there. Another case for using “Worpel” perhaps. (I am figuring out the quality…etc.)

  • saturation

    Saturation as a metaphor caught my interest today as I listened to election coverage. It was quoted numerous times in relation to the media (i.e. “our media saturated culture”). I began to wonder if you could relate the idea of media saturation with color saturation? Not sure.

  • Exploring Themes

    Transitional, Liminal, Intangible If you like something, you usually want to have it, hold it, put it in your pocket. This is a problem for me, since the very thing I like is “intangibility”. Relationships. Decomposition. Longing. Masked. Dusk. Fog. They exist in between. In between me and you, this and that, absence and presence,…

  • punctuate

    NOTES (just for me): punctuation punctuate puncture punctus mark or divide to make the meaning clear. to interrupt at intervals: to give emphasis or force to; deriv. of L pūnctus a pricking; see punctual]

  • critique #one

    I had a critique with the Photo Department on Monday(I am taking an elective with them this semester). Overall, I was very happy with the feedback I got as well as relieved to get the first one out of the way. Here are some shots of the crit space. The photo’s were printed 30×40″ glossy.

  • this and that

    Out of my interest in the everyday and small, hidden beauties I have been using magazine pages in my art making for the last year or so. I am particularly interested in the way the images/content from the front and back sides of the page combine when they are backlit. I am interested in transition;…

  • cascading drawings

    I tend to find my subject matter instead of creating it. These drawings bring together and connect images found in magazines. The juxtapositions are unlikely, but believable at the same time since they actually do exist together. I’m still exploring this trend, but it is important to these drawings that they cascade down the page.…