Placeholder, 2021
duvet, rubber, spray foam, water, pump

Tight Spots

picture of a white towel with black cords coming out

Tight Spots, 2021
towels, motors, rods, tubing
(site specific)

Humor and empathy meet in Tight Spots as each small towel sculpture toils away, “head down” working endlessly in an absurd yet relatable performance. As each piece in the installation works individually, yet in a similar manner, relationships are formed through space. The overtone is humorous, the undertone is the heavy monotony of tasks from home or the churning of an anxious mind.

Over and Done

detail of lamp with a small drip from the bottom

Over and Done, 2019
floor lamp, bucket, rug, rag, wax, tubing, pump, water

On and On

On and On, 2010
dimensions variable
string, brass tip, motor, wood

A pull-string bounces over and over as if being tugged on and off. The simple pull string references attics, basements, luminescence and progress opening up the ideas around and relationship with this simple utilitarian object.

Knock Knock

Knock Knock, 2017
silk plant in basket, thread, motor, rod

My Pleasure

My Pleasure, 2012
site specific
wood, motors, cigarette, string, thread, fans, wire, soap, brown paper bag, wax

My Pleasure is a site specific installation at Land of Tomorrow Gallery in Louisville, KY. Within an empty room with an old installed wooden floor, a brown paper bag extending from the wall expands and contracts creating a rhythmic crinkling sound. It mimics hyperventilation, but is also tender and fragile. At the same time, soap bubbles appear and collect around a hole in the floor; a miniature black object swings around in a fickle manner reminiscent of an agitated house fly; and a nearly unnoticeable cigarette rests slightly “lit” and smoking on the floorboards. The combination of small kinetic sculptures create a simultaneously easy rhythmic peacefulness and a silent stifled restlessness. The large amounts of empty space within the installation echo the possible vacancy of the polite response “my pleasure”.

With things as they are

With things as they are, 2020
wood, rubber, tape, paint, joint compound, vinyl, plastic, handles, steel, copper, boot tray

Positions of utility are explored through leaning “sticks” referencing any broom, curtain rod, rake, stick, tool, or mop that has been leaned against the wall. The boot tray is reminiscent of a shadow while referencing functionality.

Making Room

sinkers, over-the-hill birthday candle wax, thread, wire, motors, latex tubing
(site specific)

Making Room was the inaugural exhibition for PAR-Projects in Cincinnati, OH. The location informs the content and form of pieces. Thirteen large mechanized mobiles mimic the motion of bugs swarming. The motion of each small piece is connected to those around them creating an agitating, but a beautiful visual manifestation of interdependence. While activating the space, it references the highly coordinated manner in which a colony can move. Group coordination can be quite simple yet extremely effective toward solving complex problems (like an ant finding the shortest distance to food and others following that trail). At the same time, the presence of bugs can indicate deterioration and change. The “flies” are coated in black wax from birthday candles which celebrates as well as references the passing of time. Walking through the installation is slow and careful. Perception is heightened as the web like “swarms” seem to materialize and disappear. The presence of the viewer both activates and threatens the pieces. As the new space for Par Projects opened up, its past use as a lumber yard and the vacancy afterward transitions to new possibilities as the community works together to engage with art and makes space for learning.

More Than Happy

More Than Happy, 2015
paper, paint, water, motor, fan, ledge/surface (site specific)


Dunnit, 2011
12x10x7 inches
kitchen knife, fly swatter

A non-moving sculpture with dynamic thrust.