Specifically feeble and precisely precarious, my work translates elements of daily life. Moods, guilt, sensations, monotony, accumulation, and change are given bodies in objects and represented in gestures. Spaces of the mind are realized in physical form and daydreams animated in real space. Up close and in combination, these pieces begin to represent the fluidity and contradictions of the everyday.

The task of locating and giving form to shapeless sensations like presence, agitation or what it feels like to be full after eating will eventually fail because these feelings can never quite be manifested. However, there is often something more desirable in the always-absent compared to the attainable. The attempt to find shape and materiality for these abstract ideas involves collecting, combining, squinting, and meandering forward.

Inspiration is often derived from domestic spaces—a space that can be hauntingly dull as well as safe and protective. I look for comparisons, rely on the uncanny, and pull from daydreams to create sculptures that are relatable, but different. Many of the structures and productive objects are stressed or bent, but in their new forms, they can accomplish new feats. In these works, there is depth, connection, dependence, and elation. The absurd hints toward the profound while acknowledging struggle.