Project Tag: Broom

  • Making a Mountain

    Making a Mountain
  • Swept Under

    Swept Under

    Swept Under, 2023Rag rug, sorghum, adhesive Playing the line of elevating the rug like a flying carpet versus sweeping something under the rug. Both tropes include mystery: one obscures below and the other soars above.

  • Make and Break

    Make and Break

    Make or Break, 2021baby swing, broom, zip ties, paint, wood, casters A flushed baby swing mechanism moves a broom to sweep the floor referencing the monotony and ingenuity of motherhood. 

  • Holding Hoping

    Holding Hoping

    Holding Hoping, 2023Sorghum, embroidery floss, floor lamp stand, concrete Ambitious objects created through sculptural adaptations and juxtaposition absurdly reframe the familiar and embody the kind of productivity that comes from multitasking.

  • Do To Do

    Do To Do

    Do To Do, 2015 Broom, Knife