Project Type: Top10

  • Maybe it’s supposed to

    Maybe it’s supposed to

    Maybe it’s supposed to, 2013 1×1 inch soap, water, tubing, motor, hole in the wall From a small hole in the wall (no bigger than one made by a nail or screw) soap bubbles sputter through. Almost unnoticeable, but showing potential in the unreachable spaces behind the wall.

  • None Taken

    None Taken

    Shelving like that used in closets is bent and stressed to mirror the pressures of those who play a supporting role.

  • Tight Spots

    Tight Spots

    Tight Spots, 2021towels, motors, rods, tubing(site specific) Humor and empathy meet in Tight Spots as each small towel sculpture toils away, “head down” working endlessly in an absurd yet relatable performance. As each piece in the installation works individually, yet in a similar manner, relationships are formed through space. The overtone is humorous, the undertone…

  • Made Up

    Made Up

    Made Up, 2015site specifictable bases, motors, wood, white table cloth Made Up is a kinetic sculptural installation in which a series of tabletops spin simultaneously referencing furniture, dance and formal gatherings while making invisible forces and air patterns visible.

  • Make and Break

    Make and Break

    Make or Break, 2021baby swing, broom, zip ties, paint, wood, casters A flushed baby swing mechanism moves a broom to sweep the floor referencing the monotony and ingenuity of motherhood. 

  • Sink In

    Sink In

    Sink In, 2020dresser, epoxy, polyurea, silicon, pump, tubing, water The spaces of the dresser are filled with water. It spills over where the sleeve of a shirt might dangle as the tiered drawers become a waterfall creating an uncanny juxtaposition.