A Critique with Collier Schorr

I had the privilege to critique with photographer/artist Collier Schorr on Friday! She was visiting Cranbrook to lecture for the Cranbrook museum show I showed two different sets of images. The first was a continuation of the magazine images in the window. I printed a 60×40 inch image which is my largest to date. The second set were from the TV transition series. I need to continue to explore what makes a set of either of these images cohesive, but I got some good feeback from Collier and also started to understand my desire to control these images. I used to think that my main interest was documenting and finding these strange combinations, but in talking through some of the logistics of fashion shoots and portraiture, I realized that I am sort of treating the subjects of the images as real subjects. For this to come through in the images, I know that I need to push the evidence of this more, but I am excited to try it!

TV Transitions

I have begun playing with and thinking about other transitional moments that we encounter; one example are the TV images above. My interest is in the natural (dripping, deflating, compression, combination) that comes from either a material I am interested in or from a collective experience that we all have (use of packaging, driving a car, reading a magazine, watching TV…etc.). I find an element of these things that I find intriguing or difficult to notice to because of the momentum of our lives and spend time with it. Paying attention to the spaces around an object, the meaning within it, the properties. I want to slow down, be present and notice!