May 1-June 26, 2020

You’re invited (cordially and individually), to view a new installation in the market building at Centennial Inn (corner of 13th and Central). The piece is called “Given Situation” and is made for solitary viewing. The show will be open through Friday, June 26.

Please observe social distancing requirements while on site. Masks must be worn while inside.

Open hours on Saturday and Sunday from 4-9pm.

Make an appointment, email or text 616-422-5472 if you’d like to stop by at a different time. 

Location: the market building at Centennial Inn (8 E. 12th St.) off of 13th and Central in Holland, MI. Enter through the door closest to the gate.


This is an installation for solitary viewing. The viewer’s movement through Given Situation must be individual, slow, and careful. Eight large, mechanized mobiles mimic the motion of bugs swarming. It was made during the COVID-19 pandemic during a shelter in place order. 

While activating the space, Given Situation references the highly coordinated manner in which a colony can move. The motion of each “fly” is connected to those around them creating a visual manifestation of interdependence. Group coordination can be quite simple yet extremely effective toward solving complex problems (like an ant finding the shortest distance to food and others following that trail). At the same time, the presence of bugs can indicate deterioration and change. The “flies” are coated in black wax melted from birthday candles which references celebration as well as the passing of time.

In line with the confusion, sadness, constraints, beauty, and disruptions of this time, Given Situation brings up questions about space between, community, quarantine, and interdependence. Perception is heightened as the web like “swarms” seem to materialize and disappear. Your presence here both activates and threatens to disrupt the installation. The meaning of the piece is validated by you.