My Pleasure

My Pleasure, 2012
site specific
wood, motors, cigarette, string, thread, fans, wire, soap, brown paper bag, wax

My Pleasure is a site specific installation at Land of Tomorrow Gallery in Louisville, KY. Within an empty room with an old installed wooden floor, a brown paper bag extending from the wall expands and contracts creating a rhythmic crinkling sound. It mimics hyperventilation, but is also tender and fragile. At the same time, soap bubbles appear and collect around a hole in the floor; a miniature black object swings around in a fickle manner reminiscent of an agitated house fly; and a nearly unnoticeable cigarette rests slightly “lit” and smoking on the floorboards. The combination of small kinetic sculptures create a simultaneously easy rhythmic peacefulness and a silent stifled restlessness. The large amounts of empty space within the installation echo the possible vacancy of the polite response “my pleasure”.