On and On

On and On, 2010
dimensions variable
string, brass tip, motor, wood

A pull-string bounces over and over as if being tugged on and off. The simple pull string references attics, basements, luminescence and progress opening up the ideas around and relationship with this simple utilitarian object.

More Than Happy

More Than Happy, 2015
paper, paint, water, motor, fan, ledge/surface (site specific)


Threshold, 2010
dimensions variable
wood, brass knob, motor

A doorknob rotates occasionally pushing away from the wooden surface. The planks are simply leaning against the wall in a haphazard manner making the subtle, constant motion of the doorknob quite uncanny.



Kept, 2014
Wool, cotton and down blankets, tubes, plastic, motor, black birthday candle wax, rare earth magnets, catfish line, spinner, sinkers, wire, motor, plastic tubing, soap


Made Up

Made Up, 2015
site specific
table bases, motors, wood, white table cloth

Made Up is a kinetic sculptural installation in which a series of tabletops spin simultaneously referencing furniture, dance and formal gatherings while making invisible forces and air patterns visible.


Maybe it’s supposed to

Maybe it’s supposed to, 2013
1×1 inch
soap, water, tubing, motor, hole in the wall

From a small hole in the wall (no bigger than one made by a nail or screw) soap bubbles sputter through. Almost unnoticeable, but showing potential in the unreachable spaces behind the wall.

Thin Air

Thin Air, 2018
fabric, rods, thread, spinners, wood, motor, wire

The ubiquitous, relaxing and sensual action of a curtain blowing is uncannily controlled by a motor and strings. The curtain becomes a puppet, the implied breeze animatronic.