Project Type: Sculpture

  • Made Up

    Made Up

    Made Up, 2015site specifictable bases, motors, wood, white table cloth Made Up is a kinetic sculptural installation in which a series of tabletops spin simultaneously referencing furniture, dance and formal gatherings while making invisible forces and air patterns visible.

  • Doubled Over

    Doubled Over

    Doubled Over, 2017 floor lamp

  • Make and Break

    Make and Break

    Make or Break, 2021baby swing, broom, zip ties, paint, wood, casters A flushed baby swing mechanism moves a broom to sweep the floor referencing the monotony and ingenuity of motherhood. 

  • Out to Dry

    Out to Dry

    A continued exploration of familiar and functional structures from home (strained, repaired, and reliant).

  • Enclosed Loop

    Enclosed Loop

    Enclosed Loop, 2023Laundry baskets, plaster, adhesive, wire, paint A pair of conjoined laundry baskets create a cage or represent an ongoing cycle.

  • Sink In

    Sink In

    Sink In, 2020dresser, epoxy, polyurea, silicon, pump, tubing, water The spaces of the dresser are filled with water. It spills over where the sleeve of a shirt might dangle as the tiered drawers become a waterfall creating an uncanny juxtaposition.

  • Holding Hoping

    Holding Hoping

    Holding Hoping, 2023Sorghum, embroidery floss, floor lamp stand, concrete Ambitious objects created through sculptural adaptations and juxtaposition absurdly reframe the familiar and embody the kind of productivity that comes from multitasking.

  • Do To Do

    Do To Do

    Do To Do, 2015 Broom, Knife

  • Still Life in Balance

    Still Life in Balance

    Still Life in Balance (ongoing series), 2013 pot lid, thread, two kernels of popcorn, light yellow bar of soap (used), pile of pepper, two sprays of Chanel No. 5, pistachio shell and remainder of supporting string, small white plate with a kernel of popcorn and two eyelashes, broken piece of concrete, eraser from a pencil,…

  • And then I was like

    And then I was like

    And then I was like, 2011 mug, laminate, drywall, wood, heating element, water, drain A cup sits on a laminate countertop extension subtly and constantly steaming. The piece recalls still moments from home and an object left behind.