Placeholder, 2021
duvet, rubber, spray foam, water, pump

With things as they are

With things as they are, 2020
wood, rubber, tape, paint, joint compound, vinyl, plastic, handles, steel, copper, boot tray

Positions of utility are explored through leaning “sticks” referencing any broom, curtain rod, rake, stick, tool, or mop that has been leaned against the wall. The boot tray is reminiscent of a shadow while referencing functionality.


Dunnit, 2011
12x10x7 inches
kitchen knife, fly swatter

A non-moving sculpture with dynamic thrust.


Kept, 2014
Wool, cotton and down blankets, tubes, plastic, motor, black birthday candle wax, rare earth magnets, catfish line, spinner, sinkers, wire, motor, plastic tubing, soap


Made Up

Made Up, 2015
site specific
table bases, motors, wood, white table cloth

Made Up is a kinetic sculptural installation in which a series of tabletops spin simultaneously referencing furniture, dance and formal gatherings while making invisible forces and air patterns visible.


Make and Break

Make or Break, 2021
baby swing, broom, zip ties, paint, wood, casters

A flushed baby swing mechanism moves a broom to sweep the floor referencing the monotony and ingenuity of motherhood. 

Sink In

Sink In, 2020
dresser, epoxy, polyurea, silicon, pump, tubing, water

The spaces of the dresser are filled with water. It spills over where the sleeve of a shirt might dangle as the tiered drawers become a waterfall creating an uncanny juxtaposition.

Still Life in Balance

Still Life in Balance (ongoing series), 2013
pot lid, thread, two kernels of popcorn, light yellow bar of soap (used), pile of pepper, two sprays of Chanel No. 5, pistachio shell and remainder of supporting string, small white plate with a kernel of popcorn and two eyelashes, broken piece of concrete, eraser from a pencil, small spoon, lemon and plastic wrapper

An eight foot 2×3 inch board is hung from a single string and objects on both sides balance on the precarious surface. The objects are simultaneously dependent and in opposition to each other.