Project Type: Sculpture

  • Placeholder


    Placeholder, 2021duvet, rubber, spray foam, water, pump

  • Over and Done

    Over and Done

    Over and Done, 2020floor lamp, bucket, rug, rag, wax, tubing, pump, water

  • With things as they are

    With things as they are

    With things as they are, 2020wood, rubber, tape, paint, joint compound, vinyl, plastic, handles, steel, copper, boot tray Positions of utility are explored through leaning “sticks” referencing any broom, curtain rod, rake, stick, tool, or mop that has been leaned against the wall. The boot tray is reminiscent of a shadow while referencing functionality.

  • Dunnit


    Dunnit, 2011 12x10x7 inches kitchen knife, fly swatter A non-moving sculpture with dynamic thrust.

  • None Taken

    None Taken

    Shelving like that used in closets is bent and stressed to mirror the pressures of those who play a supporting role.

  • Weight


    The movement of a small piece of black wax on the side of an unassuming cardboard box seems to be a fly at first glance, but then calls the assumptions of the viewer into question.

  • Fully Extended

    Fully Extended

    Fully Extended, 2021handrail with brackets, steel A railing extends into space balancing on one “foot”. In a body of work reflecting on structures from home and relating them to the maternal body, this piece reaches elegantly, but loses the function of the railing.

  • Kept


    Kept, 2014 Wool, cotton and down blankets, tubes, plastic, motor, black birthday candle wax, rare earth magnets, catfish line, spinner, sinkers, wire, motor, plastic tubing, soap

  • Making a Mountain

    Making a Mountain
  • Swept Under

    Swept Under

    Swept Under, 2023Rag rug, sorghum, adhesive Playing the line of elevating the rug like a flying carpet versus sweeping something under the rug. Both tropes include mystery: one obscures below and the other soars above.