Project Type: Top20

  • Weight


    The movement of a small piece of black wax on the side of an unassuming cardboard box seems to be a fly at first glance, but then calls the assumptions of the viewer into question.

  • Over and Done

    Over and Done

    Over and Done, 2020floor lamp, bucket, rug, rag, wax, tubing, pump, water

  • More Than Happy

    More Than Happy

    More Than Happy, 2015 paper, paint, water, motor, fan, ledge/surface (site specific)

  • Dunnit


    Dunnit, 2011 12x10x7 inches kitchen knife, fly swatter A non-moving sculpture with dynamic thrust.

  • Maybe it’s supposed to

    Maybe it’s supposed to

    Maybe it’s supposed to, 2013 1×1 inch soap, water, tubing, motor, hole in the wall From a small hole in the wall (no bigger than one made by a nail or screw) soap bubbles sputter through. Almost unnoticeable, but showing potential in the unreachable spaces behind the wall.

  • Threshold II

    Threshold II

    Threshold II, 2015 rug, motor, apparatus

  • Enclosed Loop

    Enclosed Loop

    Enclosed Loop, 2023Laundry baskets, plaster, adhesive, wire, paint

  • The Kitchen Table Series

    The Kitchen Table Series

    Each drawing is created while sitting at a table for an extended period of time and translating visual elements of the space, sounds heard, temperature felt and figments as intuitive marks on the page. There are things piling up and being put away, food, drains, faucets, vents, rhythms, hums, taps and twitches that find their…

  • Thumbnails and Iterations

    Thumbnails and Iterations

    These projects have been exhibited together and both explore form and material through an intuitive and iterative process. Thumbnails, 2019Objects, shards, fabric, rope, detritus, wire, plaster, wax A series of small sculptural sketches made from objects, shards, fabric, rope, detritus, wire, plaster, wax and polymer clay. The process of making is very intuitive, experimental and…

  • Fully Extended

    Fully Extended

    Fully Extended, 2021handrail with brackets, steel A railing extends into space balancing on one “foot”. In a body of work reflecting on structures from home and relating them to the maternal body, this piece reaches elegantly, but loses the function of the railing.