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  • Pretty Good Shape

    March 8-21, 2013 threewalls 119 N. Peoria #2c Chicago, IL Pretty Good Shape materialized from the musings and survival of an artist in residence. While making on top of life, daily sustenance blends into material and back out again, agitation swarms and looms and humor emerges from a hole in the wall; regardless it all…

  • Bubbling Wall

    gurgle pop

  • Receiver Fest

    I installed a piece in Charleston, SC for Receiver Fest-a time based media festival. More to come, but for now, here are some highlights. A detail of my installation “From Whence They Came”. 18×8 feet wood, water, soap, air, motors And the rest of the trip:

  • Bubbles and Sources

  • Performance Footage

    This is a long video, but I finally finished editing the full footage of the performance I did last month.

  • Performance

    I did a performance piece yesterday for a crit. The props/sculptures were originally created for a video (which I still plan to make), but a critique space opened up and I really wanted to get some of these things worked out. I ended up desaturating my entire studio in order to create a sort of…