Factory Square Fine Arts Festival

In October, I went down to Cincinnati and showed in The Factory Square Fine Arts Festival’s kinetic container show along with Celene Hawkins, Leah H. Frankel, Mike Hoeting, fellow Cranbrook sculptor Alexandros Lindsay, Meg Mitchell, Phil Spangler, Thunder-Sky Inc., Steve Zieverink and UC’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning. Also participating in the festival were Ledelle Moe, Jonathan Monoghan and Robert Fronk.

factory square fine arts festival

My installation titled “It Most Certainly Will” was inside an 8x8x20 foot container including a red rubber ball that bounced from a string like Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge or Vice Versa and an inflating and deflating brown paper bag on the back wall.
It Most Certainly Will

It Most Certainly Will, 2011
wood, motors, timer, tubing, bag

Rope Swings are Free

Free to use if you find them.
Freeing in the way the fling you and swing you.
They themselves however are the opposite of free–I’m glad for the tethering that enables me to hang.

rope swing studio
Swing-like rope in my studio

rope swing googleRope swing images from Google

Picture 1…

There are many ways that I document my thought processes. I have my physical sketchbook, this work journal, sound recording on my phone (mostly while driving), snapshots and screenshots. There is an ongoing digital folder of anything and everything that might trigger an idea from the web.

Here is the collection of February 2009-present…
























Tell It Slant: Lesley Dill

I spent a couple hours tonight reading and looking at Tell It Slant: Lesley Dill (book). I really love her ideas and the way that she thinks around things. While I am not interested in using words or figures in my work, I connect with the poetic ideas. Here are some images of her work for reference:

Yet, 2005

Punch, 1999

Homage to N.S., 1997

In reading, I realized that I am often stuck by a word or a phrase and sometimes the context doesn’t even matter, just the beauty of the words together or the idea they emit alone. I have tons of underlined statements, transcribed sentences and recorded ideas. It seems like the canopy that connects these ideas is over my head, but just out of my minds reach. I’m not sure if I should be satisfied with the longing to make the connection or if I should continue to try to connect. Sometimes the longing is the most interesting point. Here are some glimpses of the snippets I was turned on to tonight:

“I have given my whole life to words-
chewed this dog hunger into a long meal.” -Salvador Espriu

— – —- — —— –

“Clothing houses the house that houses the soul.” -John Leland

Vision vs. Visions

“A Word made flesh” -Emily Dickinson

…Like paragraphs of Wind-” -Emily Dickinson

“…variations of black-and-white: swamp trees silhouetted against the endless snow of Maine; inky black sypte floating on the page of a book; the lakes of the Adirondack Mountains, so dark they mirror the clouds…” -images from Lesley Dill’s conversations

Beauty is poetic not cosmetic. -paraphrased quote from LD book

“My business is circumference.” -Emily Dickinson

“The tops of my dress sculptures are small and flat, but the skirts are voluminous. This kind of compression-versus-expansion is in all of my works.” -Lesley Dill

“the contaminated subjective” -Karen Jacobs

“What do we see in the space of the mind behind the eye?” -Lesley Dill