Tag: sculpture

  • Receiver Fest

    I installed a piece in Charleston, SC for Receiver Fest-a time based media festival. More to come, but for now, here are some highlights. A detail of my installation “From Whence They Came”. 18×8 feet wood, water, soap, air, motors And the rest of the trip:

  • dis.place.ment at the UICA

    The Displacement Show at the UICA is up through early August! Check out my deflated installation!

  • pink and pretty?

    This piece has transformed itself many times since it’s conception. It was going to be excerpts from “carefree” songs (such as those by Jack Johnson) with a torso-esque figure attached to the wall doing a shoulder dance. For awhile it was going to be powered by a tape player motor. I tried making an armature…

  • Tickle Torture

    That is not the official title of this work, I just needed to call it something so this is the working title. This piece which is 4x12x2.5″ consists of pepper, a feather, a wooden encasement with a motor inside. I was thinking about sensations when I made this piece. Tickling, sneezing, flitting…

  • sculpture critique #two (11.24.08)

    My second critique included these seven time and labor intensive pieces. Out of interest for discarded materials, packaging, waste, and the strange properties and purposes of styrofoam, I deconstructed and reconstructed a block of styrofoam into these small organic forms with a needle and black thread (approximately 2×2 inches each). Their extreme lightness was exposed…