Tag: still life in balance

  • Still Life in Balance IV

    sugar cubes, equal, sweet and low vs. a birthday card for a very special someone

  • Still Life in Balance III

    scotch tape, eyelash, pile of sea salt, spring clamp, ear plug, sugar cube, sponge vs. birthday card for a special someone, detergent cap, jar lid, packing peanut, wire whisk, stone, rice

  • Still Life in Balance I

    The beginning of a new series called Still Life in Balance. An eight foot 2×3 board is hung from a single string and objects on both sides balance on the precarious surface. They are both dependent and in opposition to each other. In this first iteration it’s: pot lid, thread, two kernels of popcorn, light…

  • Forks, Home & Studio

    One major drawback, 2013 Flyswatter and fork Still life in balance II, 2013 Forks, wood, string, hook