Material Afterlife: UICA

Last Friday, the Material Afterlife exhibition opened at the UICA in Grand Rapids in which my piece, Styrofoam #6 was included. I created and critiqued this piece last semester as 7 small hanging sculptures composed of deconstructed styrofoam beads which I stitched together with black thread. For this exhibition, I combine the seven smaller sculptures into one with even more time and black thread!

The show is up through August 8. Check it out!

Styrofoam #6, 2008
styrofoam, thread

sculpture critique #two (11.24.08)

My second critique included these seven time and labor intensive pieces. Out of interest for discarded materials, packaging, waste, and the strange properties and purposes of styrofoam, I deconstructed and reconstructed a block of styrofoam into these small organic forms with a needle and black thread (approximately 2×2 inches each). Their extreme lightness was exposed by the way these pieces reacted to the air and movement around them allowing the viewer to play an active role in the piece.

(Installation shot of hand sewn styrofoam forms hanging from black thread)

(Styrofoam and black thread)

in the studio

Here are some fairly recent images from the studio and I will follow soon with critique images from the last 2 weeks.

Working in my space. Rob was visiting and snapped a couple shots.

My second sculpture critique of the semester was these small styrofoam sculptures (in progress here). I deconstructed the styrofoam beads and then reformed them with black thread. (Installation images to come.)

In progress piece? Fuzzies from multiple garments.