this and that

Out of my interest in the everyday and small, hidden beauties I have been using magazine pages in my art making for the last year or so. I am particularly interested in the way the images/content from the front and back sides of the page combine when they are backlit.

I am interested in transition; the things that are “between”. In turning a page in a magazine, there is an instant where the images from both sides of the page interact. In creating pieces of art about this interaction, I am not trying to preserve such a moment as much as draw attention to these sorts of small beauties that encapsulate our lives. To quote the book “Unmonumental”, “life is also filled with grace notes, and when those notes become art, they lift our spirits through the modesty of the rendering”.

The combinations are anything from sexy to strange to hilarious. The images are printed large. So far 20×30, but the next set will be even larger in order to emphasize the combinations and allow the viewer to deal with the imagery in a larger than life manner. The images are ironic and beautiful, but my favorite part is that I am documenting something that actually exists. Almost every person that has seen these images has a difficult time identifying their origin. It is usually assumed that I made these combinations in photoshop, which would be a completely different piece, of coarse. I will be having a set of these prints critiqued in the next few weeks and am looking forward to feedback from both the Sculpture and Photo departments.