Thanks for dealing with this idiosyncratic installation!
-Lisa Walcott (616-566-3688)

Packing List 

  • 2 Outlet Enclosures: contain excess cords, powerstrip, and remote receiver
  • Velcro: attach outlet enclosures to wall if needed
  • Zipties: organizing excess cords 
  • Powerstrip and outlet convertor
  • Gaffers tape: attaching cords to floor under sculpture
  • 5 kinetic towel sculptures (3-5 proposed for this installation: cords are various lengths between 6-15 ft)
  • Remote and 2 outlet receivers

⬇️ Instructional video: please watch! ⬇️

Take aways from the video:

  1. Try to make the towels look natural, like they’ve been dropped there.
  2. Make sure the towel is not under the motor (nothing between floor and motor/rigging).
  3. Each towel sculpture needs to be attached to the ground, but adding a piece of tape (gaffer tape included), to make sure it doesn’t scoot around.
  4. The cords are likely longer than needed to keep positions flexible for this installation. Any extra cords length can be bundled with a zip tie and hung in the wooden outlet box. Feel free to add screws or hooks inside the box as needed. Velcro is included in the case that the box won’t stay by the wall.
  5. I prefer that the cords run “naturally” to the wall unit rather than being taped down or put under a cord cover, but I understand if they need to be secured. In the past, with multiple cords running loosely to the wall, people have avoided walking in those spaces.
  6. A remote is included so that the piece can be turned off when the gallery is closed.

The piece is site reactive, so the amount of space between each towel would depend on how much space is available. The overall composition of the towels on the floor should be balanced, but not gridded or symmetrical.

Image from the original installation with 17 towels. Example of the balanced, but not symmetrical.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions!

Video of original installation: