Lisa Walcott
Thumbnails, 2019
Objects, shards, fabric, rope, detritus, wire, plaster, wax
50″ x 30″ x 2″
A series of small sculptural sketches made from objects, shards, fabric, rope, detritus, wire, plaster, wax and polymer clay. The process of making is very intuitive, experimental and reactive and provides the opportunity to discover combinations of form and material.

28 small sculptures installed in a 7×4 grid. To install, drill small 1/16″ holes in a grid with 7″ between each hole. Pieces will install in one of three different ways:

  1. Many have a wire in the back that goes straight into the drilled hole in the wall.
  2. A couple have an accompanying wire that goes into the drilled hole and the piece rests on that wire almost like a hook (examples are G1, B4 & E4).
  3. There are a few that install with a magnet on a screw which is inserted directly in the drilled hole (sorry, forgot to include the screws–any will do). These are labeled in the packaging (examples are F3 & A4).
Lisa Walcott
Iterations, 2017
Acrylic, graphite and pigment on paper
11″ x 14″ (six drawings)

A series of loosely rendered drawings made from direct observation of small sculptural still life setups. This iterative and meditative approach to playing with and understanding form, color, texture and combinations thereof leads to new pieces that are difficult to conceive of ahead of time.

I imagined these hung in a grid as posted above, but I am open to however the best fit in the show.

STATEMENT: “Thumbnails” is a series of sculptural sketches where form, texture, material and color are explored to intuitively discover combinations that would be difficult to conceive of ahead of time. The process includes are chain of reactions to form and material. Sometimes it’s as simple as what sticks together or what fits together, sometimes it’s noticing a dissonance that juxtaposes in an interesting way. Continuing to make is necessary to the process of discovery. “Iterations” are loosely rendered drawings of the small sculptures in still life setups which give the artist time and perspective on the works. This process produces work in it’s own right, but also leads to larger sculptural pieces.