Rope Swings are Free

Free to use if you find them.
Freeing in the way the fling you and swing you.
They themselves however are the opposite of free–I’m glad for the tethering that enables me to hang.

rope swing studio
Swing-like rope in my studio

rope swing googleRope swing images from Google

Notes from reading about Gober by Hal Foster

gober sink
My notes are directly related to ways that I identify myself in the ideas in Gober’s work, so this is quite slanted reporting (but it’s a blog, so that’s expected, right?).

Gober creates uncanniness through moods of aloneness, voyeurism and lack of sense place and time.

Primal Fantasies: the fantasy is not the object of desire, but it’s setting
Gober creates the setting putting the viewer into a space like a Magritte painting or a Kafka novel.

Delay and suspension are fundamental to desire.

Connecting childhood memories with new experiences or information changes the meaning of the memory.

If you, then I

If you sniff and daydream;
suspend belief;
jump and remember;
peek and wonder;
consider then remark;
identify yourself under the sheet;
think of two things at once;
disrupt your assumptions-
then I have succeeded.


I’ve got all of these phrases running through my head about burdens and not being given more than you can handle. I burdened this tree more than it could handle or at least it must be close to the threshold. I was so excited about the formations that I didn’t fully consider the destruction to the trees, I’m afraid.

burdened tree

The branches were literally bent to the ground and bound there by ice. It has been interesting how the ice has destroyed and supported the “structures” at the same time. Today I needed to rescue the tree. I had visions of the branches being set free and bouncing back to their original state. No such luck. Here is documentation of my attempt.

This project reminds me a lot of creating my fly piece in respect to possible harm to living things. The concepts have prevailed unanimously thus far.

Still Sprinkling

frozen sculpture

frozen sculpture

frozen sculpture

The piece is still in progress. I am currently worried about the tree branches which seem to be really struggling with the weight of the ice. In some places the icicles are getting close enough to the ground that I am hoping they will begin to support the burdened branches. The bush is also quite bent over and it becoming more solid by the minute! I have spent quite a bit of time outside between last night and this morning where I have barely felt the cold because I get so wrapped up in the oscillation of the sprinkler and the forms on the branches. It’s so unnatural, yet it mimics something that is completely natural and common.

Sprinkling, Freezing and Crashing

I could actually see the sprinkler with the lights from my studio and the metal shop behind it! Things are cracking and groaning under the weight of the ice and the sprinkler is still oscillating like it’s totally normal.

ice at night

ice at night

ice at night