A Bit Over the Top

Exhibition on view at Trinity Christian College‘s Seerveld Gallery from Thursday, January 24, 2013-Thursday, February 21, 2013 (gallery hours: Monday-Friday 11-4).

Open Gallery: Saturday, February 16 2:30-4pm CST
Closing/Lecture: Thursday, February 21 6-8pm CST

a bit over the top-installation shot

Sheesh-installation detail

A Bit Over the Top-installation shot

The things that slip through your fingers, flash before your eyes or hover in the spaces between are captivating because they are impossible to hold onto. From these intangible places, comes work that is lyrical, sensual and uncanny. It is constantly moving, but stuck in a single moment; isolated, but full of room to guess; familiar, but more vivid than before. My interest in fleeting moments & transitional spaces has led me to create a body of work including quick twitches, gestural bounces and subtle revolutions often alluding to a larger physical presence. Instead of referencing intangibility or the space between, physical motion naturally explores such ideas as the pieces themselves are constantly changing and moving within these spaces. The work becomes as much about what is present as what is not–purposely subtle and allusive leaving room for contemplation and asking for awareness. In addition to mechanical movement, I’ve recently begun to explore other ways to include or imply gesture such as the residue of an action– stains left behind, the position or combination of objects in space communicate past action in their stillness. Sometimes poignant and halting, often uncanny and slightly humorous and occasionally requiring some logical deduction the objects left behind celebrate the resilient residual and while engaging the ongoing nature of life.

The vignettes are both inviting and safe as well as stuck in place and bored highlighting both the risks and charm of domesticity. The use of ubiquitous objects may at first make them dismissible and their meaning assumed until considered further–brown paper bag references containment or a fly swatter becomes violent. Physical qualities (warm, cold, sharp, dull, hard or soft) as well as the metaphorical qualities (mist disperses mysteriously, a lamp illuminates and casts shadows) become subject matter for the pieces as the objects becomes caricatures reaching and referring beyond themselves.

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