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  • Drawing at Home

  • Documenting Drawings

    All of these drawings are from the past year. Some are illustrative of sculpture ideas, some are meditations.

  • Ox-Bow

    I’m out at the Ox-Bow Artists’ Residency for two weeks (9/5-9/18). I’ve really enjoyed the space and the air and the ability to clear my head a little bit from a busy post-gradschool summer…in short I feel like I haven’t been able to stop and think until now and it’s a really good thing! It…

  • Images from the Kitchen Table Series

    A series about the way things work. The things that go out and come in, pile up, get dirty and are cleaned. About home made at home.

  • The Kitchen Table Drawings

    It took me quite awhile to realize that my work has a trend of domesticity that runs through it. It’s hard to find overarching themes, so I am glad to have identified one. At the moment I don’t have any photo’s of the actual drawings I have been making at the kitchen table, but Rob…