New Drawings from on the Road

I made these drawings during a recent RV road trip. The kitchen table traveled with me and it was a fun experiment to see the drawings change as the environment was altered.


I’m out at the Ox-Bow Artists’ Residency for two weeks (9/5-9/18). I’ve really enjoyed the space and the air and the ability to clear my head a little bit from a busy post-gradschool summer…in short I feel like I haven’t been able to stop and think until now and it’s a really good thing! It doesn’t have to be far to get away!

The Kitchen Table Drawings

It took me quite awhile to realize that my work has a trend of domesticity that runs through it. It’s hard to find overarching themes, so I am glad to have identified one. At the moment I don’t have any photo’s of the actual drawings I have been making at the kitchen table, but Rob documented me working on them, so that will have to do for now. More to come!

As mentioned in the previously in “Panes”, I am intuitively attracted to the safe interior spaces. I like the outdoors, but I am really really enamored when it crosses boundary of home (light through the window/view to the world outside). It is across from this window with run new records from our housemates-to-be (for now we’re living with their stuff), Skye & Eric that I have been delving into my subconscious thoughts of how things work. The drawings build, grow, follow trains of thought and color. Symbols emerge, but as soon as they seem to be clearly defined, they morph into something else—like dashed lines are stitching, lane dividers and if oriented vertically, they are stacks of plates, air vents or blinds.

It is a comfortable place to draw. No need to dress for the day–the comforts of home at your fingertips.




090910-151619 Eating lemon meringue pie and thinking of Laura Letinsky‘s work. This plate and crumbs might have made an appearance in some of the drawings…