Hecho en Casa/Home Made

My next show is at Cobalt Studios in Pilsen. The show runs from Friday, June 10-Saturday, June 25, but my piece will just be happening (yes, happening, not installed) on Friday, June 17.

Hecho en Casa/ Home Made
Curated by Alberto Aguilar and Jorge Lucero

A program of events that verge on acts of domesticity. Behavior that touches upon ideas of home, the local, hospitality, homemade-ness and the personal, all within an exhibition space. This series of events will be accompanied by a collection of objects and artworks that each invited artists found to be in conversation with the ideas of “home”. These objects can be viewed during the scheduled event hours.

Participating artists:
Alberto Aguilar & Madeleine Aguilar
James Kubie
Jorge Lucero
Gwenn-Aël Lynn & Hermes Santana
Bryan Saner & Teresa Pankratz
Christopher Santiago
Vanessa Smith
Samuel Sotelo-Avila
Hui-min Tsen
Lisa Walcott


Receiver Fest

I installed a piece in Charleston, SC for Receiver Fest-a time based media festival. More to come, but for now, here are some highlights.

A detail of my installation “From Whence They Came”.
18×8 feet
wood, water, soap, air, motors

And the rest of the trip:

while we tap our feet or shift our weight

An exhibition with Meridith Ridl at the Holland Area Arts Council open January 13-March 5. The show includes many subtle familiarities and simple profundities. Stop by and see it if you have a chance!

My contribution to the exhibition…

Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge of Vice Versa, 2011
rubber ball, string, motor

Currently, I feel so sorry for you in those hot pants, 2011
bistro table, table linen, wood, fan, brass vent

Bless You, 2010
feather, pepper, thread, motor, wood

In a Shaft of Sunlight, 2011
mug, drywall, laminante, drain, water, heat element

Will not stay in place, will not stay still, 2009
ink jet photograph


Plenum, 2010
site specific installation
strings, paper pullstring tips, plastic buckets, water, ceiling tile, sprinkler, motors

My installation for Art Prize 2010 in Grand Rapids was at West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology (WMCAT). It consisted of two separate, but related parts–thirty pullstrings extending down through removed drop ceiling tiles and a dripping sprinkler. The space above a drop ceiling is called the plenum space. It is where all of the energy for the building is routed. Due to my interest in potential energy, overlooked objects and spaces, and site specificity, dealing with the top third of the space I was given was a natural progression.

Through the gesture of the pullstrings which extended from within the plenum space and the tromp l’oeil industrial sprinkler which bridged the two spaces, the piece alludes to things happening overhead–activating the plenum space. “Plenum” also addresses history as the removal of the ceiling tiles revealed the original plaster ceiling with layers of pealing paint and an old drop ceiling grid above the currently used one. I was also interested in the way the removal of the ceiling tiles broke the convenient drop ceiling grid.

Repetition is a common theme in my work. Repetitive motion as a vehicle toward a meditative way of viewing something. Even though the same thing is happening over and over, ideas can compound with each repetition. The last time I had a drip in my work it was immediately evaporated away by heat below a metal bucket (No Vacancy). This time, I decided to allow the drips to accumulate in a series of plastic buckets. Accumulation is a connection to history, pushing the idea of time further into the work. Time is in the history of the building revealed by the removal of some ceiling tiles, time is in the accumulation of water in the cluster of buckets and time is referenced by the rhythmic ticking of the drips into the bucket.


Trinity is fifty and has an art exhibition to celebrate! Last week I installed “Light Weight” in the new Seerveld Gallery. The space fit the piece really well and electricity was available in inconspicuous ways (thank you!). I will post a new video and photo’s when I go back for the closing.

Several friends and classmates are in the show as well. Sam McCune, Faith Veenstra, Cousin Tim, and many talented designers from Cultivate Studios. It will be fun to see the show fully installed and maybe (hopefully) run into some of these people of my past.

The closing reception for the show is October 3 at 6:30.