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  • Review of "Less Still" from H.A.C.K

    Thanks, Tori for your insights into these goings-ons. LISA WALCOTT: “LESS STILL” AT ELI AND EDYTHE BROAD ART MUSEUM on H.A.C.K website

  • Review of "While Away" in the Nashville Scene

    Click here to read: Lisa Walcott’s open ended installations have secret lives of their ownMy blog post about the exhibition:While Away Quoted text: Take a quick glance at Coop Gallery’s current exhibit, While Away, and you might not see much: just ultra-minimalist sculptures made from commonplace household objects. But a closer look reveals surprises: The…

  • Nashville Scene Mention

    Link to Online Article March’s First Saturday events anticipate the spring art season Crawl Space by Joe Nolan Saturday, 6-9 p.m. on Fifth Avenue Downtown March is a good month for art and artists. On March 10 we’ll all spring our clocks forward, shake off our sunlight deprivation and psychologically prepare for spring and the…

  • South Bend Tribune Article

    Link to online article Artist Lisa Walcott’s simplistic works displayed at Krasl December 21, 2012 | EVAN GILLESPIE | South Bend Tribune Correspondent “Dunnit” by Lisa Walcott ST. JOSEPH — Don’t expect to walk into Lisa Walcott’s show in the artlab gallery of the Krasl Art Center and just stand and look at art. You’ll…

  • Rapidian Review

    Link to online article What do you see: Breathing Room at SiTE:LAB by Holly Bechiri on Friday Sep 21st, 2012 02:34pm in OPINION Tucked away in the back of a large venue is a quiet space to breathe. Upstairs in the expansive venue at the old Public Museum curated by SiTE:LAB, one room, seemingly unfinished…

  • Press Release and Reviews from Land of Tomorrow

    Idiosyncrasies, the Mundane and More at Land of Tomorrow New Baroque (press release)

  • AEQAI Post about Land of Tomorrow Exhibitions

    Quoted from AEQAI Post. View Online Article Idiosyncracies, the Mundane, and More at The Land of Tomorrow February 18th, 2012 The Land of Tomorrow in Louisville collaborated with Country Club to curate a broad show of many different artists, many of whom are well-known in Cincinnati (such as Aaron Morse and Jimmy Baker). Only certain…

  • The Press Mentions the '' Show

    The Grand Rapids Press wrote up the ‘’ show as the UICA looks toward their new placement/location. Click here. RELATED POSTS: displacement at the uica

  • Cranbrook Sculpture 2010

    We’re on the site!