Other One to Drop

Other One to Drop, 2022
Rubber shoe, thread, motor, wood, ziptie

The tapping of the shoe conjures ideas of waiting. The repetitive movement is consistent, but the slow pace adds anticipation and may even require some patience as the shoe hovers, finally taps and repeats. 

Visting Artist-Lisa Walcott

I am giving a lecture and leading a workshop at Harold Washington College through the Pedestrian Project this week! This is my first time being a visiting artist and is an exciting opportunity for me.

My lecture is at Harold Washington College
30 East Lake Street, rm. 102
Chicago, Illinois

Tuesday, April 26 · 2:00pm – 3:00pm

I will be presenting my work, specifically discussing my process relating drawing and kinetic sculpture.

Homemade Stain

I just tried to make this homemade stain. It sounds fun and much less smelly than the oil based stain I am using right now and just empowering to not have to buy it or use chemicals.

Water/Vinegar Based Stains from Chisel Me Timbers.

To me, a vinegar-based stain is the closest I’ve ever come to seeing real magic (and the neighborhood kids are as fascinated by it as I am). You put on a clear liquid, and, depending on the wood, from 10 to 20 minutes later, color appears. Color will depend on your formula components and the type of wood used.

Vinegar & Galvanized Nails is known as “Pickling,” and was popular in Colonial days for aging and graying-up wood. Simply, get a jar, pour in some distilled white vinegar, and wait a few days for the nails to dissolve. This does not produce a dark stain, but a light-to-deep gray on most woods. Stretch out your stain by diluting it with water up to 5-1 water/stain without loss of tint. Color can be tweaked with Universal Colorant or Acrylic craft paints.

Vinegar & Steel Wool or Iron Nails produces a darker stain, from a brown and reddish-brown on pine/fir trees, to a deep black on oak. Toss a hunk of steel wool or nails into a jar, cover with distilled white vinegar,cap the jar, and in about 24 hours your ‘stain’ will be ready. Leave the jar uncapped, and after about 24 hours, add some water to encourage oxidation (rust) for a more reddish hue. This type of stain can be diluted up to 20-1 with water, without loss of effect, or with tea or coffee to add a touch of reddish color. Colors can be tweaked with Universal Colorants or Acrylic craft paints.

the slits

Through completely random chance, I started watching video’s by The Slits tonight. I had never heard of them and just clicked on a random link for Typical Girls. The sound of Instant Hit is pretty cool.

Art Prize

It’s official, I will be showing at WMCAT on Fulton for Art Prize! The installation will include many twitching pull strings and possibly a flickering light….stay tuned.

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Back at it.

I’m back in Detroit, Cranbrook has started up. I’m moved into my new living quarters and my new studio.




There’s as much possibility as the a blank page. Thick.

I printed a book!

Since the images I took all came from bound, printed material, I decided to bind my versions. The book is only 5×7, which is slightly smaller than I would ultimately print it, but overall I am happy with the way it came out. I chose a variety of images from a variety of magazines. I enjoy the way the spreads entered into the book because of the process they went through (spread, single image, spread). There is a consistency within all the layers of removal that makes the journey away from the original image interesting for me. Some of the pages have one side of the magazine page backed by the other side so that when you put it up to light, they come together pushing my point as far as possible.