Out of focus

This summer has been a complete blur so far! Rob and I have been living out of our photography studio as we finish our basement apartment. We have been working very hard doing what we love to do: working with people and taking pictures. No complaints there…except that once again, art making has taken a back seat. I have rented a small studio space nearby my house and had many aspirations for days of photographing, art making and sipping lattes in between. I definitely have a rosy outlook on the expectations for my life…not that that is a bad thing!

Even though I haven’t spent much time making, I have been thinking about what is important to me as an artist and what I like in art I see. Despite a full year of grad school, I seem to be holding on to the same basic idea that I came in with–although I understand it much differently now. Grad school is worth it, I promise!

I am still interested in the moments and space in between. Here is a new manifestation of this idea based on work I’ve been looking at as well as older pieces that still haven’t quite found their place in my mind. They were shot with one of my 85mm 1.4 lens. Look. Focus. Step back. Capture. Kind of a nice mantra, I think.

Here’s to beginning to work & starting to focus!

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