On and On

On and On, 2010
dimensions variable
string, brass tip, motor, wood

A pull-string bounces over and over as if being tugged on and off. The simple pull string references attics, basements, luminescence and progress opening up the ideas around and relationship with this simple utilitarian object.


Threshold, 2010
dimensions variable
wood, brass knob, motor

A doorknob rotates occasionally pushing away from the wooden surface. The planks are simply leaning against the wall in a haphazard manner making the subtle, constant motion of the doorknob quite uncanny.


Everything’s different when it’s over

Everything’s different when it’s over, 2013
dimensions variable
floor lamp, wood, thread, black wax, wire, sinkers, motor

A mechanized mobile creates an erratic circuit for a small piece of hanging black wax resembling that of a pesky housefly. The fly “buzzes” above a floor lamp that is leaning against the wall (neither fallen nor standing). The piece references quiet domestic entropy as the slumped over lamp is being hunted by the vulture-like light-loving fly above.

(It may help to make the video full screen and increase the quality as this is a subtle video)