Sculpture Critique #3 (12.2.08)

This is untitled work. White balloons coated in a layer or two of Elmers glue and left to deflate naturally. The form together and become dependent on each other. The piece was created hanging from the ceiling so all of the drips go down toward the “bottom” and the strings that were coated in glue as well still sort of reach upward.

Loss. Memory. Remnants. Delicacy.

Dimensions: 24x11x20 in.

Materials: Latex, String, Elmer’s Glue

One response to “Sculpture Critique #3 (12.2.08)”

  1. Hey Lisa – I love reading about your work and school and thought process here – it’s been enlightening to learn more about what your passion is and why you choose to do the mediums of art that you are. this piece really evokes emotion in me. memory. loss. delicacy. I love it.

    I really love how the strings look frozen and don’t just fall to the floor – like they’re still trying to hold up the balloons despite the weight of failure in their structure. (no helium)

    Wonderful, beautiful stuff!