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  • Press Release and Reviews from Land of Tomorrow

    Idiosyncrasies, the Mundane and More at Land of Tomorrow New Baroque (press release)

  • AEQAI Post about Land of Tomorrow Exhibitions

    Quoted from AEQAI Post. View Online Article Idiosyncracies, the Mundane, and More at The Land of Tomorrow February 18th, 2012 The Land of Tomorrow in Louisville collaborated with Country Club to curate a broad show of many different artists, many of whom are well-known in Cincinnati (such as Aaron Morse and Jimmy Baker). Only certain…

  • Land of Tomorrow

    I currently have work at Land of Tomorrow gallery in Louisville, KY. Five separate exhibitions opened February 3 and will be up through April 3. My exhibition entitled “My Pleasure” includes a full room installation with four separate, but related gestural sculptures. The wooden planked floor is walkable by the viewer and the small, continuous…