Receiver Fest

I installed a piece in Charleston, SC for Receiver Fest-a time based media festival. More to come, but for now, here are some highlights.

A detail of my installation “From Whence They Came”.
18×8 feet
wood, water, soap, air, motors

And the rest of the trip:

while we tap our feet or shift our weight

An exhibition with Meridith Ridl at the Holland Area Arts Council open January 13-March 5. The show includes many subtle familiarities and simple profundities. Stop by and see it if you have a chance!

My contribution to the exhibition…

Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge of Vice Versa, 2011
rubber ball, string, motor

Currently, I feel so sorry for you in those hot pants, 2011
bistro table, table linen, wood, fan, brass vent

Bless You, 2010
feather, pepper, thread, motor, wood

In a Shaft of Sunlight, 2011
mug, drywall, laminante, drain, water, heat element

Will not stay in place, will not stay still, 2009
ink jet photograph


I’m out at the Ox-Bow Artists’ Residency for two weeks (9/5-9/18). I’ve really enjoyed the space and the air and the ability to clear my head a little bit from a busy post-gradschool summer…in short I feel like I haven’t been able to stop and think until now and it’s a really good thing! It doesn’t have to be far to get away!