While Away

My newest exhibition, While Away opened last night at COOP Gallery in Nashville. There was a mention in Nashville Scene preceding the event. It’s been a great weekend of installing work and meeting people!

Gallery Hours: Friday & Saturday 11-3pm









“While Away” includes gestural and kinetic sculptures highlighting both the charms and risks of domesticity with vignettes that are inviting, safe and content in the moment as well as stuck in place, lazy and bored. Often worn and mostly ubiquitous objects employ their physical qualities to hold their position. These qualities (weight, warmth, dullness, softness) as well as the metaphorical characteristics (mysterious mist or illuminating light) become subject matter for the work. In a Fischli and Weiss vein of exploring “the way things go” and the way things are, familiar objects pin themselves in place or balance precariously either embodying (if kinetic) or alluding to (stationary pieces) a cause and effect. The objects become caricatures reaching and referring beyond themselves; familiar, but more vivid than before. Sometimes poignant and halting, often uncanny and slightly humorous and occasionally requiring some logical deduction, the objects left behind celebrate the resilient residual while gesturing toward the ongoing nature of life.

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