Author: Lisa Walcott

  • Other One to Drop

    The tapping of the shoe conjures ideas of waiting. The repetitive movement is consistent, but the slow pace adds anticipation and may even require some patience as the shoe hovers, finally taps and repeats. 

  • Subtle Installation Instructions

    Unpacking Thin Air Installation Instructions for “Maybe it’s supposed to”

  • This year so far

    2013 has been very full in a really good way. Solo Exhibition, A Bit Over the Top, Seerveld Gallery at Trinity Christian College, Palos Heights, IL Solo Exhibition, While Away, COOP Gallery, Nashville, TN On the Verge of Failure, CultureWorks, Holland, MI Solo Exhibition, Pretty Good Shape, threewalls, Chicago, IL Solo Exhibition, Less Still, Eli…

  • Lecture at the Broad

    Last night I gave a lecture in conversation with Aimee Shapiro the Director of Education at the Broad. It was a chronological account of my work over the last 5 years which was a satisfying way for me to organize the information I presented as it shows that there has been progress and how one…

  • Review of "Less Still" from H.A.C.K

    Thanks, Tori for your insights into these goings-ons. LISA WALCOTT: “LESS STILL” AT ELI AND EDYTHE BROAD ART MUSEUM on H.A.C.K website

  • Installing "Vice Versa"

    I don’t have final footage/images of the Vice Versa installation at the Broad quite yet. I’m hoping to have this ready soon, but in the meantime, there are a few views from the installation time.

  • Making "Swarm" at the Broad

    I have a few snapshots of Swarm in progress. The whole piece needed to be built on site because of the fragility of the hanging parts. Most of the piece was built in the education wing between July 8-15, after which time it was carefully moved through the cafe to it’s final resting place for…

  • Review of "While Away" in the Nashville Scene

    Click here to read: Lisa Walcott’s open ended installations have secret lives of their ownMy blog post about the exhibition:While Away Quoted text: Take a quick glance at Coop Gallery’s current exhibit, While Away, and you might not see much: just ultra-minimalist sculptures made from commonplace household objects. But a closer look reveals surprises: The…

  • Pretty Good Shape

    March 8-21, 2013 threewalls 119 N. Peoria #2c Chicago, IL Pretty Good Shape materialized from the musings and survival of an artist in residence. While making on top of life, daily sustenance blends into material and back out again, agitation swarms and looms and humor emerges from a hole in the wall; regardless it all…

  • Hanger Wobble

    Like someone just grabbed their coat.