Author: Lisa Walcott

  • Nashville Scene Mention

    Link to Online Article March’s First Saturday events anticipate the spring art season Crawl Space by Joe Nolan Saturday, 6-9 p.m. on Fifth Avenue Downtown March is a good month for art and artists. On March 10 we’ll all spring our clocks forward, shake off our sunlight deprivation and psychologically prepare for spring and the…

  • Trap Door

  • Twice Today

    Twice today something dropped and landed on a shoe. In line for coffee, the man in front of me dropped a nickel and it landed heads up on his shoe. He stood on one foot and brought the coin up to his hand. I thought of the slight odds that allowed this action to happen.…

  • Balancing Broom Stick

    The bungee cord is coming down as I apparently love balancing, combining and opposing objects very much. I will get back to this, but for now I have an exhibition to prepare for and that means more than balancing wood. One last act before I move on.

  • Talking about my Work

    A lecture at Trinity Christian College last night (February 21, 2013) to close “A Bit Over the Top”. It was recorded–I will see if I can make that footage available at some point.

  • Still Life in Balance IV

    sugar cubes, equal, sweet and low vs. a birthday card for a very special someone

  • Still Life in Balance III

    scotch tape, eyelash, pile of sea salt, spring clamp, ear plug, sugar cube, sponge vs. birthday card for a special someone, detergent cap, jar lid, packing peanut, wire whisk, stone, rice

  • A Nail Biting Performance & 'Til I Get It Right

    Ceal Floyer is one of my favorite artists to follow as her work is conscise and poignant as it teeters between humor and lack. Video: Ceal Floyer performance d13 Duration: about 1.20 min before the press conference to documenta (13) offered a brief Ceal Floyer “Nail Biting Performance” ‘Til I Get It Right at dOCUMENTA…

  • Shaded

    A new piece is in the works including the rolling up and letting down of a window shade. At first, I was attempting a piece that startled or jolted as the quickly spinning window shade might. I’d like it to be motion sensored and just spin quickly and briefly. In the process of mocking it…

  • Still Life in Balance I

    The beginning of a new series called Still Life in Balance. An eight foot 2×3 board is hung from a single string and objects on both sides balance on the precarious surface. They are both dependent and in opposition to each other. In this first iteration it’s: pot lid, thread, two kernels of popcorn, light…