Author: Lisa Walcott

  • Land of Tomorrow

    I currently have work at Land of Tomorrow gallery in Louisville, KY. Five separate exhibitions opened February 3 and will be up through April 3. My exhibition entitled “My Pleasure” includes a full room installation with four separate, but related gestural sculptures. The wooden planked floor is walkable by the viewer and the small, continuous…

  • Drawing at Home

  • Kinetic Drawing Sculpture by Karina Smigla-Bobinski

    ADA – Analog Interactive Installation, is a kinetic sculpture by German-based artist Karina Smigla-Bobinski.

  • Factory Square Fine Arts Festival

    In October, I went down to Cincinnati and showed in The Factory Square Fine Arts Festival’s kinetic container show along with Celene Hawkins, Leah H. Frankel, Mike Hoeting, fellow Cranbrook sculptor Alexandros Lindsay, Meg Mitchell, Phil Spangler, Thunder-Sky Inc., Steve Zieverink and UC’s College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning. Also participating in the festival…

  • Emerging Artist Exhibition

    I was recently accepted to show at Eastern Michigan University’s Regional Emerging Artist Exhibition, EMERGENCE-11! I’m excited for this show. I will be one of five artists from the region. Opening: September 14 at Ford Gallery Exhibition Duration: August 31-October 5

  • Hecho en Casa/Home Made

    My next show is at Cobalt Studios in Pilsen. The show runs from Friday, June 10-Saturday, June 25, but my piece will just be happening (yes, happening, not installed) on Friday, June 17. Hecho en Casa/ Home MadeCurated by Alberto Aguilar and Jorge Lucero A program of events that verge on acts of domesticity. Behavior…

  • The Ambition of the Short Story

    The Ambition of the Short Story By Steven Millhauser Published in the New York Times on October 3, 2008 The short story — how modest in bearing! How unassuming in manner! It sits there quietly, eyes lowered, almost as if trying not to be noticed. And if it should somehow attract your attention, it says…

  • Visting Artist-Lisa Walcott

    I am giving a lecture and leading a workshop at Harold Washington College through the Pedestrian Project this week! This is my first time being a visiting artist and is an exciting opportunity for me. My lecture is at Harold Washington College 30 East Lake Street, rm. 102 Chicago, Illinois Tuesday, April 26 · 2:00pm…

  • Receiver Fest

    I installed a piece in Charleston, SC for Receiver Fest-a time based media festival. More to come, but for now, here are some highlights. A detail of my installation “From Whence They Came”. 18×8 feet wood, water, soap, air, motors And the rest of the trip:

  • Homemade Stain

    I just tried to make this homemade stain. It sounds fun and much less smelly than the oil based stain I am using right now and just empowering to not have to buy it or use chemicals. Water/Vinegar Based Stains from Chisel Me Timbers. To me, a vinegar-based stain is the closest I’ve ever come…