A Nail Biting Performance & 'Til I Get It Right

Ceal Floyer is one of my favorite artists to follow as her work is conscise and poignant as it teeters between humor and lack.

Video: Ceal Floyer performance d13
Duration: about 1.20 min before the press conference to documenta (13) offered a brief Ceal Floyer “Nail Biting Performance”

‘Til I Get It Right at dOCUMENTA (13) by Ceal Floyer is a loop that is created from a song of the same title by the American country music singer-songwriter Tammy Wynette. Ceal Floyer just used the lines “I’ll just keep on” and “‘Til I Get It Right,” to create an endless mantra-like soundtrack.

Jeppe Hein

Sometimes it seems like someone makes all the work you’ve ever wanted to. Jeppe Hein’s witty, poetic and sometimes off the wall body of kinetic work has me throwing my hands up in the air and shrugging. I have sketch video’s of dust bunnies being pushed around by air. The screw in the wall is not an idea I’ve had, but quite similar. I’ve often thought of peep holes in the wall (although I didn’t resolve what was inside). Needless to say, I really enjoy Hein’s work and even had a chance to see a piece at the MCA a couple weeks ago.

Almost NothingFalling ScrewRotating Mirror Circle Let Me Show You The World

Provocative One-Liners Can Work

Art that is only a joke runs itself thin, but the one-liner that opens up into a new bubble of thought that is funny and provocative is intriguing and hard to find. Ceal Floyer does it well in her piece “Today’s Special” (the first part of the video covers this piece and the rest shows the rest of her exhibition at 303 in NYC-April 2009).

Notes from reading about Gober by Hal Foster

gober sink
My notes are directly related to ways that I identify myself in the ideas in Gober’s work, so this is quite slanted reporting (but it’s a blog, so that’s expected, right?).

Gober creates uncanniness through moods of aloneness, voyeurism and lack of sense place and time.

Primal Fantasies: the fantasy is not the object of desire, but it’s setting
Gober creates the setting putting the viewer into a space like a Magritte painting or a Kafka novel.

Delay and suspension are fundamental to desire.

Connecting childhood memories with new experiences or information changes the meaning of the memory.

Olifur's Fan

I saw this piece installed at Chicago’s MCA over the summer. The piece hits on quite a few things that I really like in art work. The essence of the material informs the content of the piece. Air is used in a powerful and interesting way. There is also a nice balance of simplicity, delicacy and a hint of violence. There are elements of this train of thought in my pieces Fly on a String & Burnt (see below).

February 2009