Project Type: Archive

  • Placeholder


    Placeholder, 2021duvet, rubber, spray foam, water, pump

  • On and On

    On and On

    On and On, 2010 dimensions variable string, brass tip, motor, wood A pull-string bounces over and over as if being tugged on and off. The simple pull string references attics, basements, luminescence and progress opening up the ideas around and relationship with this simple utilitarian object.

  • Knock Knock

    Knock Knock

    Knock Knock, 2017 silk plant in basket, thread, motor, rod

  • My Pleasure

    My Pleasure

    My Pleasure, 2012 site specific wood, motors, cigarette, string, thread, fans, wire, soap, brown paper bag, wax My Pleasure is a site specific installation at Land of Tomorrow Gallery in Louisville, KY. Within an empty room with an old installed wooden floor, a brown paper bag extending from the wall expands and contracts creating a rhythmic crinkling sound. It mimics hyperventilation, but is also tender and…

  • With things as they are

    With things as they are

    With things as they are, 2020wood, rubber, tape, paint, joint compound, vinyl, plastic, handles, steel, copper, boot tray Positions of utility are explored through leaning “sticks” referencing any broom, curtain rod, rake, stick, tool, or mop that has been leaned against the wall. The boot tray is reminiscent of a shadow while referencing functionality.

  • Making Room

    Making Room

    sinkers, over-the-hill birthday candle wax, thread, wire, motors, latex tubing (site specific) Making Room was the inaugural exhibition for PAR-Projects in Cincinnati, OH. The location informs the content and form of pieces. Thirteen large mechanized mobiles mimic the motion of bugs swarming. The motion of each small piece is connected to those around them creating…

  • Threshold


    A doorknob rotates occasionally pushing away from the wooden surface. The planks are simply leaning against the wall in a haphazard manner making the subtle, constant motion of the doorknob quite uncanny.

  • Over Do It

    Over Do It

    Over Do It, 2017 towel, motor, rod, tubing

  • Everything’s different when it’s over

    Everything’s different when it’s over

    Everything’s different when it’s over, 2013 dimensions variable floor lamp, wood, thread, black wax, wire, sinkers, motor A mechanized mobile creates an erratic circuit for a small piece of hanging black wax resembling that of a pesky housefly. The fly “buzzes” above a floor lamp that is leaning against the wall (neither fallen nor standing).…

  • No Vacancy

    No Vacancy

    No Vacancy, 2010 site specific dehumidifier, steel bucket, single burner, motors, wood, soap, cigarette, string A smoking cigarette lays discarded, a rocking bucket sizzles away drips that fall from above, soap bubbles emerge from a knot in the wooden platform and a pull-string bounces as if it has just been tugged. The empty space and…