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  • Pretty Good Shape

    March 8-21, 2013 threewalls 119 N. Peoria #2c Chicago, IL Pretty Good Shape materialized from the musings and survival of an artist in residence. While making on top of life, daily sustenance blends into material and back out again, agitation swarms and looms and humor emerges from a hole in the wall; regardless it all…

  • Drawing at Home

  • Documenting Drawings

    All of these drawings are from the past year. Some are illustrative of sculpture ideas, some are meditations.

  • Images from the Kitchen Table Series

    A series about the way things work. The things that go out and come in, pile up, get dirty and are cleaned. About home made at home.

  • The Kitchen Table Drawings

    It took me quite awhile to realize that my work has a trend of domesticity that runs through it. It’s hard to find overarching themes, so I am glad to have identified one. At the moment I don’t have any photo’s of the actual drawings I have been making at the kitchen table, but Rob…

  • Waiting

    Waiting is a transitional state that I often find myself in and tend to be quite impatient with. Whether it’s waiting for Rob to head out the door (although I’m pretty sure he waits for me more than I wait for him), waiting for a balloon sculpture to deflate since my prodding only messes up…